Back to School Budgets

Parents across the country are looking for back to school discounts.

There are a few ways to send your kids off to school with all the needed essentials without going breaking the bank.


The first main tip I have is to shop second hand.

This can be done by checking out your local Goodwill or Thrift Store or by getting up a little earlier on Saturdays and going to a few yard sales.

Children grow fast and people are usually looking to get rid of nice clothing items at a low price.



The next and last tip is to shop around for school supplies.

Don’t buy all of your supplies from the Dollar Tree. I love the Dollar Tree but some stores do have lower prices for certain items.

Shop around and you’ll find the best price out there available.

This may seem a bit much to save a few dollars but remember: dollars add up and when you are living on a budget every dime counts.


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