The Envelope System

I have learned that it’s easy to swipe your card and purchase things that you wouldn’t buy if you could see the value of that item in cold hard cash. When making purchases with cash I tend to be much more responsible than I am with my debit card. For some reason having plastic makes me feel as though the money’s not coming out of my own pockets.

This is why I decided to use the envelope system instead of using our debit cards.

The envelope system is a total cash method which allows you to break down how much money you have to spend for certain categories.

In our budget there are two sets of envelopes.


The items you see me holding are actually coupon holders that I purchased from Dollar Tree. Each coupon holder houses five envelopes a piece. The black one has:

1. Tithes

2. Offering

3. Groceries/Household

4. Dates/Eating Out

5. Spending/Gas

At the beginning of a new budget period (pay day) I separate money into each category. And as the two weeks go by I ONLY spend from these envelopes. If I don’t have it to spend, I don’t buy the item.

The teal holder tends to have a little more cash in it because it is an overall personal savings. The envelopes it houses are:

1. Emergencies

2. Vacations

3. House/Yard

4. Vehicle Upkeep

5. Property/Taxes

As you can see these items are things that I save for over time. Each pay period I put money into each envelope and only pull from it for the specific purpose.

Having an envelope system has been the biggest budget game changer for us. I highly recommend!


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