Budget Compromise


Discipline gives you the power in your budget to say “NO”
“NO, I will not buy another pair of black sandals!”
“No, I will not buy shoes”
“I WILL NOT buy shoes”
I never said it would be easy to say no to the shoes, or the bag, or the makeup, or the shoes….did I say shoes already?
But compromise gives you budgeting happiness.
The real issue isn’t buying shoes. The problem would be buying shoes you can’t afford. Instead of purchasing a pair of $300 shoes from Nordstrom maybe you purchase a $100 par from JC Penny instead.
Learning to compromise is key.
Compromise can be found in all areas of your budget.
Compromise with where you eat, where you stay while on vacation, where you have date night and shop. Don’t be married to one specific idea.

For example: if you’d like to go out for dinner you have options.

logans too

You can look for restaurants in your area that offer half off deals.

Or early bird specials.

You could also simply find other creative ways to eat and be romantic like having a picnic.
This same theory can be applied in all areas of your budget. Don’t miss out on enjoying life, simply compromise on the when’s, if’s and how you choose to spend money.

One of the largest misconceptions about budgeting is that those of us who live on strict budgets are financially strained. But remember, you budget in order to save more money. You don’t budget because you have no money.


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