At Home Pedicure Tips and Tricks

Over the past few years doing my own manicures and pedicures at home has become both relaxing and cost effective. I used to pay upwards of $100 per month for salon visits where as now it only costs around $20 for my personal nail supplies which I purchase around every three months.  Over the years I’ve found a lot of ways to get salon results without the salon price.

A few months ago I dedicated an entire video on my manicure process where I went into step by step what works for me. You can watch that video here.

Today I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned to get a great pedicure.


Remove Cuticles Before you Soak.

I like to use a cuticle softening method as opposed to scraping my cuticles away. I use cuticle oil that is designed to ‘melt’ away the cuticle. I apply this oil before I soak my feet. That way the cuticles practically remove themselves while my feet are soaking.


Soak Soak Soak!

I soak my feet until the water is nearly cold. In fact, I like to allow the water to get cold, pull the stopper and then add more hot water and let that get cold too before I begin to scrub off any dead skin. I like to use a concoction of bubble bath mixed with lemon juice and essential oils to get big bubbles without drying out my skin.


Be Gentle.

Once my feet have been soaking and are all moisturized I use small circles to remove dead skin. Many times we feel that the more aggressively we scrub the better…well…sometimes being aggressive will further damage our skin. I’ve learned that using a circular motion removes the most dead skin and leaves a smoother surface.


Seal In the Moisture

Once I’ve dried my feet, painted my toes and allowed the polish to completely dry I like to add a generous amount of Vaseline to my entire foot. I’m not afraid to get in every crack and crevasse! Then I put on a pair of socks for ten to fifteen minutes or until my skin doesn’t feel greasy. Once I remove the socks my feet are very smooth and soft.


If you would like to see how I set up for an at home spa pedicure just click the play.


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