Mirrored Finds

Hello Everyone!

I have been in love with the mirrored furniture trend but have been on a silent strike against the outrageous prices!!!!

I wished and wished with all my heart to find a few pieces that I could use to brighten up our dark Master Bedroom.

I decided to take my time and search for the perfect, affordable, pieces and practice patience….and BOY am I glad that I held out ;-)

I was blessed to find so many great pieces that I ended up paying a little or nothing for and was able to re do our entire bedroom for around $600.

Snapshot 12 (6-17-2015 7-37 PM)

First, I decided to replace the nightstands. For Steven’s side of the bed I used two mirrored nesting tables that I purchased during a sale online for $60.

Snapshot 6 (6-17-2015 7-17 PM)

Then a HUGE find was this mirrored chest! I ordered this chest from Wayfair and initially paid around $400. Once it finally arrived at our house I noticed that it was chipped on the side. I contacted Wayfair immediately and was told that the piece had been discontinued and couldn’t be replaced. I was bummed! She went on to say that since it wasn’t replaceable she would refund my money and I could do whatever I liked with the chest…….;-) i.e. FREE MIRRORED CHEST!!!!  I’m using this piece as my side table.

Snapshot 11 (6-17-2015 7-19 PM)

With the money I got refunded I purchased this large dresser lined with antique silver from Amazon to house Steven’s clothes and hold our T.V.

Snapshot 2 (6-17-2015 7-04 PM)

I re used that same lamps that were previously in our room (which were bought years ago from Family Dollar for $10 each) because they also have the antiqued silver finish. But switched out the lamp shades. I felt that the black shades were too dark and white went better with the space. You can find similar lamps here.

Snapshot 13 (6-17-2015 11-34 PM)

I found these mirrored frames at a local thrift store for $4 each!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my luck…. I bought two pictures from Hobby Lobby for $2 each and wallah I have two monochromatic pictures for less than $20.

For the before and after, a more complete look at smaller accent pieces, and how everything ties in together check out this video ;-)


I hope you all are inspired for change!



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Dry Rub Neck Bones

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you a recipe that I created to give a fresh take to a southern favorite. In my home growing up (and even still today) my mother used neck bones to season all types of greens. But she hardly ever cooked the meat on it’s own.

I have found that a pack of meaty neck bones can cost less that three dollars and feed at least four people…….with this discovery I wanted to find a way to cook it so that it could be paired with other veggies and side dishes.

I came up with a dry rub recipe for neck bones and it has become a household favorite ;-)

Snapshot 1 (5-13-2015 12-51 AM)

Start off with a pack of neck bones that have been cleaned.

.Snapshot 13 (5-13-2015 2-06 AM)

Allow the neck bones to either boil in two cups of water on the stove for thirty to forty five minutes or to cook in a crock pot for two hours. Add a little salt and pepper to the water to season but don’t season the meat.


Snapshot 6 (5-13-2015 1-12 AM)

Add your dry seasonings into a zip lock bag.


Snapshot 7 (5-13-2015 1-12 AM) Snapshot 8 (5-13-2015 1-13 AM) Snapshot 9 (5-13-2015 1-14 AM) Snapshot 10 (5-13-2015 1-14 AM)

I like using seasoning salt, chili powder, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and brown sugar.

Snapshot 12 (5-13-2015 2-05 AM)

This is what the neck bone will look like once it has been coated with the dry rub.

Snapshot 4 (5-13-2015 1-00 AM)

Place the pan of neck bones into a 375 degree pre-heated oven and allow to continue to cook for 25 to 30 minutes.

Snapshot 14 (5-13-2015 2-06 AM)

This is what they will look like once they are done.

Snapshot 15 (5-13-2015 2-12 AM)




Credit Card Dangers

Snapshot 1 (4-30-2015 12-49 AM)

Hi Everyone!

In the mail we receive a lot of credit card offers daily. They all seem to offer the sun, moon and stars and all they ask in return is your kidney and the devotion of your first child.

Ok, that may be pushing it a bit but you get what I mean.

When making a financial choice that has the ability to leave you broke and struggling you must ask yourself……are the perks worth the risk?

Unless you are able to use a credit card with discipline the answer is no. Although the thought of having $10,000 to spend with a monthly minimum balance of only $25 seems tempting this offer is a true manifestation of ‘too good to be true.’ The credit card company lends you $10,000 and only asks for $25 per month but in reality they will get close to $50,000 out of your pockets before you see that final bill.

I realize $50,000 isn’t quit a kidney but when every penny counts you may find that giving up an organ would be easier.

We use a credit card to pay our bills. We use the card so that we can get and then use the points for other things like travel. But we have a system. We pay the full amount due on the card each month and because we already live on such a tight budget….this system works for us.

In short……be mindful of your financial choices because Bill tends to always overstay his welcome.


Personalized Budget Form




Keeping up with our expenses from month to month can be a taunting task. In the beginning I felt as if it were impossible to know exactly what needs to be paid and when. And lets just say many bills were paid late. (click on each picture to view a larger image of the chart)


Budget Chart a


I knew that I needed a way to keep up with our budget. The problem was that I could not find a form that suited my needs. So I decided to create a budget form on my own.


Budget Chart categories 2

We live off of one income and is on a bi-weekly basis. This form allows me to calculate our total income per pay period and get a grand total amount at the end of each month.

Budget Chart List a

It also helps that I separate our bills into two segments. The list you see above is paid around the first of each month.

Budget Chart a2

And these bills are paid around the 15th. By separating our bills we are able to see more of our income and save more money.

Budget Chart bottom page 2

We also have several bank accounts that I needed to keep track of. You wouldn’t believe how many unnecessary bank fees we have avoided by keeping a better eye on our accounts. And have a running tally of our finances from month to month motivates us to keep saving.



Budget Chart Clear


Here is a blank copy of this form. In order to save this form for your own use simply click on the picture. A new window will be opened once that window is open you can right click and save this form for your budgeting needs. I hope that it will be as helpful to you as it is to us.



One Dollar DIY Towel Rack




Hello Hello Hello Everyone!


I’d like for you all to know that our home is perfect…….decorated with only high end decor and everything here is just awesome. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

In real life our home is just like many other homes living on a tight budget. There are things I’d like to have that I honestly am not going to pay for.

Which brings us to my current situation.


Here’s a previous  picture taken of a boring empty wall in our bathroom.

I’ve wanted fancy towel hooks in our Master bathroom for sometime now, but each time I saw them they were upwards of $20 to $25. And I know that to many that’s not much. But to me, for a glorified picture with hooks, it’s a bit much. So, why not make my own instead.


I decided to use items that we already had lying around our home. I already had a picture that was serving no purpose, some wood screws, and my husband’s power drill. All I needed was something to hand the towels onto.


I then lucked up and found the set of hooks that I needed at the Dollar Tree……YES for only one dollar.



I started off by flipping the picture face down on the floor so that the bottom was facing away from me.

I then lined the set of hooks onto the bottom frame of the picture making sure that the hooks faced down.




I also made  certain that the hooks and screw holes were lined up with the wooden frame because I wanted the screws to attach to the wood.



Then, using the power drill, I secured the screws through the hook rack and through the wood frame.




This is what the towel rack looks like once flipped right side up.


And here is a current look at the rack. I love it! I think it brings in the perfect amount of warmth to this space. And the most exciting part is I saved at least $19.


I’ve listed a few other towel racks that you all can check out for further inspiration, to give an idea of how much these things usually cost  or to purchase if you’re not the DIY type ;-) just click the pictures below for more info.





Cutting Grocery Costs

Hey Hey Hey!

Sigh……..if I had even an off green thumb I’d surely attempt to grow and harvest my own food. In fact if it were in me I’d be Farmer Teresa and supply all our nutrient needs. But alas I don’t have a green thumb and must find ways to stay on top of our (once very spendy) food budget.

We buy groceries once every two weeks and unless I’m cooking for a large number of people our groceries are never more than $85. Seems impossible? Well it isn’t. My method is done without using coupons and even without seeking out which stores are giving the best sale price each week.

The way I buy our groceries may be a little time consuming but it works.

We used to spend over $100 per week on groceries….until one day I decided that enough was enough. I started clipping coupons. Being the impatient person that I am I clipped coupons for all of two seconds (ok, it might have been more like a month but it felt like years) and I decided to do some leg work instead.

By my own theory when it comes down to it you are either going to sacrifice time or money depending on which one you have an abundance of. Since I work from home I have more time and I decided to put it to good use.

First, I made a list of the things we purchase all the time without fail like bathroom tissue, paper towels, certain meats, eggs…..EVERYTHING YOU BUY REGULARLY SHOULD GO ON THIS LIST. Then I began to look around our town and compare prices from one store to the next. While doing this I made sure that the prices were not sale prices because my impatience will not allow me to hunt down sales every two weeks.

Once I knew which items we would always purchase and where to find them I decided to start trying off brand items to see how they compare to name brand (ie more expensive) items. I did this with almost every item on our list in small quantities. I found that there are a lot of substitutions out there that are better or just as good as name brands.

Once I found which items worked for us I was able to create a minimal grocery budget that still included everything we liked.

Notice that I didn’t mention that we cut out any ‘happy’ foods or treats…. I simply found a way to have our cake and eat it too ;-)

Going to three or four stores may be a bother BUT the cost cutting benefits are well worth it. We went from spending close to $450 a month on groceries and household items to only spending around $200 per month. Our actual grocery budget is $85 every two weeks and our household budget is $20 per month!

Linked below is a video where I share our groceries with you as well as how I meal plan and make my grocery lists.


Spring Wardrobe Budgets

Hello Hello Hello everyone!

Spring is in the air and we know what that means……..
Birds singing you say?
Flowers blooming?
Freshly cut grass?

NO! the return of Spring weather means the shopping bug is going to rear it’s ugly head. And even more so for your budget this means murder!!!!! Loss of (not actual life) but finances. Here I want to share with you all a few tips on how to shop and not take a massive hit to your budget.

Snapshot 2 (1-28-2015 3-35 AM)

First and this may sound like a weird one but Spring Clean.
While cleaning your closets go on a shopping spree of your own stuff i.e. shop your closets. You’d be surprised at how many great items you’ve forgotten about that will be perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Do this before you go to any stores that way you will know what you already have.


Second thing you should do is shop at your local thrift stores.
If you haven’t gone thrifting lately……you are missing out. As the saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Thrifting can open up a world of outfit possibilities without the hefty price tags.


Third: make sure to check out the clearance racks.
I know it seems crazy to think that there are spring and summer items on sale right now but believe me they are. Many places have styles from last year still hanging around that they are piratically giving away. Brand New.



Next, try and get up and do some yard saling.
A lot of people are getting new (actual new) things and want to get rid of the things they already have. I’m not a fan of early Saturday morning activities BUT if you are in the market for some new (to you) spring clothing or even out door furniture then hit up yard sales you won’t be disappointing.

I hope these tips will help someone have what they want without paying full price this spring and summer ;-)


About Me

Hello Everyone and Welcome.

My name is Teresa. And I am a southern girl tried and true!! I’m married to my college sweetheart and so far it has been the best three years of marriage and 10 years of friendship of my life. We do not have any children but hope to have some in the future. We are both born and raised in the great state of Alabama and are both Auburn University alumni….WAR EAGLE!!!!

We both love music and put most of our energy into serving the Lord with our gifts and the rest into enjoying our lives with our family.

I love saving money.  And I hope to share all the ways I’ve learned to live a great life on a budget with all of you.

Here are a few pictures of my hubby and I on our wedding day ;-) If you have any questions feel free to ask……we’re all friends here.


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